On the rare days my kids don’t tell me exactly what they want for dinner,they’ll ask me, Dad what’s for dinner? It’s a question that’s rooted partly in curiosity, partly in necessity but mostly in hunger. Kids are by far the most honest and direct consumers you’ll find anywhere. For my kids, Pizza is their all time favorite.  However, if they had pizza for lunch they’ll flat out tell me they’re not really feeling pizza for dinner, roll their eyes and get their iPads; such a tough crowd.  Therefore, the challenge for me is to answer the question in a fresh and engaging way.

Things aren’t so different when it comes to social media interactions, people are fatigued with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They’ve seen all the photos of  you and your spouse and your Mom and your dog and your spouse with your Mom and your dog, they’ve seen that old car you’re restoring from every possible angle, they know your filters, your silhouette, your political views, your sense of humor and your captions all too well. Oh yeah, they even know what to expect from your snaps and truth be told they’re not that engaging anymore.  You name it, your friends have seen it and quite frankly while you’re interesting in real life, your life on social media isn’t that interesting. Don’t feel bad though, it’s not that your fault that you keep serving Pizza to your friends for dinner, the problem is that the menu just isn’t creative enough and if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

Back in 2008, we had our first glimpse of the future when Apple released the iPhone 3G. This was the first smartphone with a good camera and GPS all neatly wrapped into a shiny object.  This came at a much needed time because not too long before that in 2006 Facebook made it possible for anyone to join their platform. So, you take a phone with a good camera and the most popular social media platform on the planet and together you have massive amounts of data being created. So much so that Mark Zuckerberg would later create Zuckerberg’s law of sharing.  Zuckerbergs’s law of sharing essentially states; the amount of data consumers share now is twice the amount they’ve shared last year. Furthermore, the amount they’ll share next year will be twice what they’re sharing now.  Thank you Apple and Facebook. Thank you to my Facebook friends, thanks a lot, for a lot of data which will be twice as much next year.



Today I believe there’s a need for a new means of engagement on social media. We’re tired of having Pizza for dinner. We’re tired of the same engagement model that’s been around since the Blackberry was still a thing. We’re tired of having to scroll through your timeline to see what you missed and to make it worse, trying to make sense of it all because it lacks context and relevancy.  It’s part frustration, part curiosity but mostly hunger for a more engaging social media experience that’s driven me to create The Weekend SPIN. We live our best lives on the Weekend yet what I found is that there’s no cohesive way for us to tell our Weekend story in a contextually relevant way.  We’re creating a new means of engagement and serving up something fresh for dinner.  Stay tuned, I need to find something fresh for dinner and get back to blogging later.


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