According to data from Advertising Age,¬†Facebook’s been making some unrealistic claims when it comes to their Video Ad platform. While no one can doubt that Facebook’s appeal and adoption has skyrocketed their claim that engagement on Facebook has surpassed TV viewership was sure to raise quite a few eyebrows. So many in fact that the Video Advertising Bureau began looking into their claims.¬†What did they see? In any given minute, 93% of video viewing is on TV, and all of Facebook amounts to the 112th ranked TV show. What’s more, the Super Bowl’s average audience turns out to be 18 times the size of Facebook Mobile.

Wow, just wow!


It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out with Facebook and their Advertisers who they’ve been charging an arm and a leg to for years. As Ad Age put it “The single biggest decision advertisers make is allocation: which media channels receive how much of the budget. To get this right, advertisers rely on credible, comparable audience estimates. No one buys media on time spent, but everyone allocates with it.”

Keeping that in mind, transparency around metrics and claims of engagement will be a major concern if not an absolute requirement for social media sites from now on.

This undeniably ties back to every media buyer’s most burning question; how can I prove the ROI of my ad spend?





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