Management Team

Lawrence Edmondson (Chief Executive Officer)

Lawrence Edmondson

Lawrence Edmondson is an Advertising / Technology thought leader with 20 years of experience in dynamic and creative environments. During his career he’s led major tech initiatives including the Cannes Award Winning Pepsi Refresh Everything Campaign. Lawrence is the founder and CEO of The Weekend SPIN and can be reached at



Frank Cohen

Frank Cohen

Frank Cohen is that unique combination of technologist, entrepreneur, and enterprise sales person who builds start-up companies successfully. He is often the “go to” guy when enterprises need to test, design, and solve problems in complex interoperating IT apps and systems. He is the author of Java Testing and Design, the seminal book on designing large scale apps for performance. He is founder of Votsh Inc, product designers for Waves, a modern take on the Lava Lamp.

For the past 35 years he lead some of the software industry’s most successful products, including Norton Antivirus, Oracle/Sun Community Server, and Apple’s first Internet browser products and software. He began by writing operating systems for microcomputers in the 1980’s, helped establish video games as an industry, establish the Symantec Norton Utilities franchise, lead Apple’s efforts into middleware and Internet technologies, and helped start the first Internet ecommerce site (

Bill Dolan

Bill Dolan

Bill Dolan is a proven leader with over 20 years of experience successfully building strategic business relationships with some of the largest and most innovative digital agencies, technology companies and Global 1000 corporations.

Specialties: Building net new and sustainable lines of business and products from the ground up. Developing and maturing business relationships that span decades.

Strong tech generalist with a subset of skills that range from business development, marketing, pre-sales, sales and delivery.